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Treadle Pump

The treadle pump is a frugal innovation of twin-cylinder water-lifting device especially designed for small plot agriculture.

Treadle pumps water lifting technology is driven by human energy with a combination of lifting and pumping device. The average discharge of water ranges from 4,000-4,500 litres per hour to a maximum depth of 7 meters.

Treadle pump is best suited to irrigate about one acre of land. Water application rate is 1.2 mm/hr per acre of land. Delivery arrangements allow the water to be dropped into a channel.

The treadle pump is typically used for 5-6 hours daily especially in the summer season and are operated early morning and late evening.

The treadle pump is reliable and requires least maintenance.

The treadle pump allows the farmer to lift water to his convenience without any need/ worry for storage and can be used to cultivate all types of crop i.e vegetables, cereals, cash crops, medicinal, flowers.

Treadle Pump

A reputed NGO-IDEI has been propagating treadle pumps in India for many years.


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