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How can you help?

To undertake my project I did an appeal for fundraising to a wide number of people via emails and the website.

My fundraising appeals to aid these farmer friends are also available on http://greendropsofjoy.com. I met several prospective contributors.

My target was to fund 100 treadle pump installations and make Parewajal a model village. My project received wide contributions and positive messages.

Dear Friend,

This  will take only a few minutes to read but can help a family for its all lifetime. Kindly spare a few minutes to go through it and please do respond in whatever way you can. By way of introduction, my name is Anand Chaturvedi , I am 16 years old and studying in class XI in Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai. I enjoy  travelling ,particularly outside of large cities.

My family has roots in an area near Lucknow ,a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in north India. I have often travelled to areas and villages outside Lucknow with my parents as they feel that I should know the areas and circumstances our family has it’s origin in. This is a very beautiful area with friendly people but unfortunately this part of India has not seen much modern development and people are still dependent on agricultural production for their livelihood. I have been struck by the simplicity, honesty and hard work of famers of this region who live in very poor and adverse conditions , some of whom I have come to know. People in these tiny villages are very poor and mainly depend on farming to earn a living. A typical family has a small land-holding (often less than half an acre), a small house, few goats and if lucky a cow or bullocks. The family income is linked to crops produced and if rains are sufficient and timely there is adequate produce. However if there is lack of rain villagers have to borrow money just to survive. Since the supply of electricity here is absent or erratic, they cannot use water pumps to get underground water for the crops. In the face of these hardships they struggle with dignity and manage to survive by sheer hard work.

For many years I have felt that if we can find some way to get water in time for their crops it will lessen their suffering. There exists a simple but effective way to get ground water to the surface by manual effort. I request your help to aid the poorest of these farmers. I have started a small initiative (as can be seen on this web site http://greendropsofjoy.com) working with an NGO to put in place a simple technology known as Treadle Pump (operated manually) which can be used to bring deep ground water to surface to irrigate crops even in villages that have no electricity. To help overcome fluctuations in rains and make a difference in the farmer’s life I am making an appeal to contribute an amount of Rs1000 and bring relief to a farmer and smiles to the face of a whole family.

I will be grateful if you can please send a cheque or draft in the name of “International Development Enterprises (India)”. Please do write to me on email ID ‘greendropsofjoy@gmail.com’ with your thoughts on this effort and how you can help. In case you have contributed, please mail details of your contribution giving your name, amount and bank on which the cheque was drawn on please.

The cheques can be mailed or couriered to : Deepti Chaturvedi, CLSA India, 8/F Dalamal House Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021

If any queries please do feel free to call on +919769301719 or write to me on greendropsofjoy@gmail.com .

Many thanks for devoting time to read and joining this small effort.

Anand Chaturvedi


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