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Suggestions received from many have played an important role in bringing my project to this stage.

Work with friends at International Development Enterprises India (IDEI) in reducing the cost of pump installation has been critical to our success.

My project is part of the larger IDEI organization operational in India since 1991 currently working in 15 states of the country and has reached out to over 1.25m small holder farm families.

IDEI promotes technology and services under KB brand. KB stands for Krishak Bandhu or Farmers’ Friend. IDEI follows the approach of using donor funds to build grass root entrepreneurs to stimulate a sustainable & free market.

To learn more on IDEI visit http://www.ide-india.org

I will keep you updated on the development of the project and pursue to report back on how farmers have benefited from the support.

If you have any ideas that can help me in improving my approach to this project please do write to me.

Anand Chaturvedi

Anand Chaturvedi

Student of class XII in Cathedral & John Canon School.

Mob no : +919769301719

Email :  anandchaturvedi9@gmail.com and greendropsofjoy@gmail.com .

Address :


33rd floor

Tower D

Ashok Tower





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